It-WE-I- Way for a Successful Leader

Leaders are so busy evaluating situations and people,that they seldom take a few minutes of the day to watch themselves. There is an ocean within to churn the nectar of success….

The It-We-I philosophy can be a great planner for any leader. “It” is meant for actions or things to be done. The emails, meetings, closing deals and all that needs to be planned for the day. “It” also classifies the tasks to be carried out to achieve ones goals. While the day begins with what is to be done, the day must close with introspection on what got done and this is what makes “It” strategic for success.

“We” is the people who are part of me and my organisation. The lives around me that make living easier! The day begins with what value I add to people I interact, who are involved with me in my tasks and how I need to reach my goals taking my people with me. Rehearsal or visualization helps internalize and makes your intention strong.

“I” holds great importance as “It” and “We” lose significance without its presence. “I” is the time I give for myself and what I like the most. It is also about infusing the right thoughts and fueling energy for a great performance. Be it exercising, eating right, thinking great , being humble, respecting every creation and breathing life, “I” can manifest enormous potential in “It” and “We” and thrive to glory together.

“It-We-I” has to be well balanced. Many times Business leaders focus on the “It” to an extent where they fail to connect with people and themselves too. Disconnect with people (We) can lead the business to jeopardy ;and disconnect with self (I) can be suicidal. Too much of “We” maybe fun ,but distracting from the action ,and distancing from the goal. Leaders with overemphasis on “I” get so self centered that insecurity and doom is an inevitable end. Introspection and journaling is a great solution to balance the “It-We-I” .

Pen what the goal or winning means to you. This will enable you to choose a strategy. Be clear on how you want to project yourself as this will define your values and image. Also be sure about what you don’t want to do!

The “It-We-I” Way:Take everyday 15 minutes of your day to pause -reflect and pen, make it a habit for Success!


Ethical Leadership -An Essential for Corporate Success- The Enron Story


“Just as character matters in people, it matters in organizations,” says Justin Schultz, a corporate psychologist in Denver.

Enron’s lessons will long be remembered, the deceit and unethical saga that led to the  company’s failure in 2001 . Jeff Skilling, is getting a decade shaved off of his prison term that should now end in 2017.The truth of Enron represents the biggest business bankruptcy ever while also spotlighting corporate America’s moral failings. It’s a stark reminder of the implications of being seduced by charismatic leaders like Jeff Skilling who is languishing behind bars.

 Enron is not the last case ?

Surely, if there are profits to be made, some type of scheme that attempts to skirt the law or even cross boundaries will occur. It’s been that way throughout history. But with each passing scandal, new rules and codes emerge that surpass those of the past. And while Enron won’t be the last case of corporate malfeasance, its tumultuous tale did initiate a new age in business ethics.

Are auditors to be blamed?

Enron, once a sleepy natural gas pipeline company, grew to become the nation’s seventh largest publicly-held corporation. But its shoddy business practices, aided by bankers and advisors feeding from the gravy train, brought down the company in December 2001.

A lot of people have suffered, not the least of whom are the shareholders and pensioners who lost it all. It was a sad “ending” to what had appeared to be a promising beginning to the New Economy in which the internet age would spread wealth and create jobs throughout the social spectrum. While Enron may be the crown jewel of corporate prosecutions, it was preceded by guilty verdicts for top execs at Adelphia Communications, Tyco International and WorldCom.

Punishment serves as a deterrent. But a clear-cut mission and a corporate code of ethics is crucial. It’s the foundation to which boards, managers and workers rely when they reach a fork in the road. It’s the principles they use when deciding whether to emphasize short-term gain or long-term stability.

Are there more causes?

Economist Milton Friedman has argued that it is the social responsibility of corporations to increase profits thereby putting more people to work and paying more taxes to support programs that benefit the general public. But business ethicists caution against a myopic pursuit toward earnings. The quarterly reporting syndrome that pressures companies to meet earnings expectations promotes temptation that can push some to distort the truth.

But the desire to satisfy shareholders must be balanced with the need to service all corporate constituents — all of whom contribute to a company’s worth. That structure must be reinforced with values that build trust, as well as by more cognizant oversight and notable penalties for egregious acts.

Are there solutions to greed that leads to unethical behaviour of organisations?

“So, even if you can’t really regulate ethics, the fact that more people are more closely scrutinizing board behaviour encourages directors to be more responsible,” says Mary Driscoll, an analyst with Standard & Poor’s. “But, there is no panacea, and I think we will continue to see abuses and excesses — but hopefully fewer.”

Ethical dilemmas are not always black and white, are they?.

And the situations that can lead to hard choices can be as complex as the options themselves. Some companies therefore struggle with how to manage and measure ethics and particularly in cases where they have worldwide offices that operate in diverse cultures. Those decisions have a direct bearing on their public identities and will affect their share prices.

Unethical companies will eventually get exposed?

Witness Enron. Companies that live and breathe their missions, by contrast, will get recognized by both the retail and capital markets. Stock values, of course, are a function of multiple factors. But solid principles are good for business, and ultimately good for corporation valuations.

Corporate codes are not charades?

They are practical approaches to everyday situations. Meaningful cultures will implore workers to do the right thing. That means individuals are encouraged to come forward with their concerns and know they will be heard and acted upon. Such a system allows management to address and handle issues in a holistic way to ensure strong ethical health.

Ethics is synonymous to success?

“Ethics and integrity are at the core of sustainable long term success,” says Richard Rudden, managing partner at Target Rock Advisors in New York State. “Without them, no strategy can work and, as Enron has demonstrated, enterprises will fail. That’s despite having some of the ‘smartest’ guys in the room.

Most individuals are raised with a sense of ethics that begin in their families, Is that lost in business?

values that have been driven home through their schools and religious institutions. “Honesty” and “decency” have typically been applied in interpersonal communications. But such characteristics can get lost during business dealings. Enron is the poster child for such distorted behaviour.

just and ethical corporate culture , are there examples that can be cited?

But the company’s demise is not the end of self-indulgence. It’s simply a milestone. And while lying and deceit will always exist, there is a heightened awareness on the part of boards and investors. Without a doubt, corporate cultures must reward ethical conduct and penalize wrongdoing at every turn. Values matter: Ignoring trouble spots or blaming underlings is unacceptable.

The key to creating a just and ethical corporate culture is to breed fair and lasting business principles. Indeed, companies will be measured by the traditions they build and the way in which they manage their relationships with all the stakeholders!

Design your leadership!

Leadership is about designing, strengthening ones mind to choose what one wishes!

What you Dream You become What you Imagine  You Achieve !

Design your self as a Leader : Begin by writing your thoughts and insights as it adds strength to become real. Describe your future personality(leadership begins with perfecting oneself) -how you want to live, love, laugh , play, work, learn and contribute to your world and tune the world to your command.

Re-read and make additions,deletions and corrections as and when you feel. Remember to list reasons why you cannot become the person you described , so that you can work on perfecting your path.

You choose to make your life “the Best”, You lead your own life and become a True Leader ! Leap- Take the plunge to become a leader, feel it within you ! liberate- Yourself, your thoughts, open yourself to create , be the creator! lead – Take yourself to heights of greatness in thought and action ! Best Wishes to Leap-Liberate & Lead !

Action Leader

Be the STAR: Leadership is all about doing the right things, not just doing things right .

Leader has to ensure the right choice , one that can make a difference. If he picks up trivial tasks and devotes all his time in accomplishing the unimportant , the energy and time both are wasted.It is said that during World War II, General George Marshall, America’s Chief of Army Staff was a Leader through responsibility and diligence. His productivity shown in encouraging the juniors to reach their potential. In Peter Drucker’s words, leaders ought to display human synergies and human vision, thus earning utmost trust of ones fellow beings. Leader must be “Man of Words” – thought, belief, words and action must synchronize to bring the best output through trust.

Best course of action for a leader are those things that can make a difference to steer the right action..Leader is the guiding star:

‘S”… Setting clear goals and defining standards : Goal setting provides clarity to action . Defining standards will ensure that the action is right and important.

“T”…Talent and Team to match: Algning talent to goal is important for accomplishment of right action. Team has to be guided and motivated towards the action path.

“A”…Anchor and steer: The leader has to be strong , supportive and anchor the whole action.He inspires, motivates , guides with the goal shining bright in his eyes.

“R”…Reward: Leader has to be appreciative of the team’s efforts. Result, reciprocation and reward are linked together.

Leader has to be the star in the darkness, star that shines inspite of the gloom, star which is the promising  light , the guiding star to success for its people and organisation.

Leadership Begins with You..

To be free is not to do what one pleases !

It is to become Master of oneself ! 

As you grow older ,be sure you get better not just physically but in every other way. You make the choice of what you picture yourself to be. You can replace your old,dead habits and create your bright future self through constant encouraging “dialogue” with your inner self.

It is rightly said that healthy , happy and balanced people have an internal locus of control instead of external locus of control. So instead of blaming others for your problems ,it is important to realize that you have the power within you to influence direction of your life….” That is the power of You”.

Just be ready and willing to make the difference to you, to bring out the power that lies within you.

The best way to enhance the power is by jotting down the areas in life that you want to control and how you wish to do it. Take into account ,mental,physical,emotional,relationships with friends,family,work and all that matters in your life. Mention the ideas and difference you wish to make in each area.The moment you pen it ,you have created the direction and it is bound to happen.

Believe in the power of You and the world will be at your feet !Always choose to make your life “the Best” !

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